The OneTranslating

Onetranslating is a young company born of the necessity of providing companies of Northern Portugal an effective way to communicate with everyone through various languages or formats.

So Onetranslating recruited and created several teams of internal and external collaborators with proven experience and from the most different areas of expertise to provide a linguistic service only in their native language, thus ensuring an ideal match for linguistic quality support.

The creation of multidisciplinary teams, the use of the latest technologies, style guides and glossaries, as well as the obligatory reviewing by our experienced department provides our clients the language support they need to successfully achieve their international campaigns.

Onetranslating is at your service for any translation, interpretation, transcription, subtitling, localization of software and websites, reviewing content and linguistic quality control that you may need.

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Industrial 90%
Auto 45%
Technical/Engineering 70%
Industrial Tool 70%
Finantial 70%