Next, we present you a list in translation specializations and from which we can offer the best professionals and translators:

Onetranslating is at your service for any translation, interpretation, transcription, subtitling, localization of software and websites, reviewing content and linguistic quality control that you may need.


Onetranslating understands that technological advances and globalization of markets have created a need in large industrial groups to translate and update quickly and profitably, all materials and technical documentation relating to its products and machinery.
It requires dedication, ability and know-how to translate and localize correctly projects that can start from small brochures with instructions up to manuals with complete instructions and a variety of technical documents.
A team of dedicated translators in Onetranslating has several years of experience in this type of language services and was chosen taking into account the ability of each individual language capability as well as knowledge regarding the type of content you want to translate.

Given the increasing demand on increasing sales in the automotive world, the translation services of Onetranslating can help you reach consumers worldwide.
If you are developing a new project, platform, vehicle, campaign or service, please contact us and let us help you achieve success.
When producing content for other countries, you can expect that the translation that Onetranslating provides will be performed by the best and most experienced translators in the field, which will transmit your message in a clear way using the most appropriate terminology.

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While the engineering industry throughout the world is seeking new ways to reduce costs through subcontracting, they will inevitably find themselves grappling with the problem of making the connection of global operations through shared documentation. The intrinsic technicality of the language used in internal communications, product manuals / service as well as instruction manuals requires the proper performance of linguistic adaptation to avoid the risk of misinterpretation or incorrect communications.
The services of technical / engineering translation provided by Onetranslating ensure that all technical content is adjusted correctly and that it is not lost from one language to another.
The correct technical / engineering translation will cause its employees and customers worldwide to comply with the norms and standards of your company, and ensure that global procedures are met effectively.

Manufacturers of industrial tools as well as security equipment companies worldwide can rely on professional and high quality translation that Onetranslating provides. Onetranslating can support you with regard to language solutions for your household tools, vehicles, heavy machinery, and safety equipment.
Thanks to our various dedicated teams, quality and experience will always be present in technical translations of professional equipment’s for construction and safety.

Any financial institution, organization and business believe that the financial translation quality is essential for safe and inviolable communication.
Onetranslating understands that the financial translation of your business documents must be accurate and clear, conveying exactly what you want in the language in which you want to communicate.
Translation of financial services and business that Onetranslating provides becomes especially important for multinationals that want to share and distribute their data by different branches or shareholders who are inserted in overseas markets.
Admittedly, the financial terminology as well as their concepts may vary from country to country, however the team of dedicated translators of Onetranslating has several years of proven experience in finance and business and is trained to recognize these variations and apply the correct nomenclature.

Onetranslating has experienced professionals and understands the importance that language services represent in the product launch within the IT industry. The content you want to display needs to be understood without errors by users worldwide and this can only be guaranteed by expert translators who are effectively professionals of such area.
Onetranslating recognizes the importance and attention involving small nuances as well as the specific need for the modification, translation, internationalization and localization of software in various languages knowledge.
Given this importance, Onetranslating devised a methodology oriented to quality, based on European standards of quality projects related to IT and telecommunications.
Put our vast experience in translating IT projects is at your disposal and dare to achieve international success that your product deserves.

This is one of the industries where the last decades have seen a steady growth. This trend clearly indicates to us that the market for consumer electronics is in a phase of major development which in turn creates enormous pressure on manufacturers to be first in the international market with a new and differentiated product.
Thus, translation and localization professionals that Onetranslating provides may be the key piece in its international leverage. Ask us for a quote and be surprised with the ease with which you can reach the international market and meet its overall objectives!

Do you have software, technical manuals in digital format, web pages that you need to internationalize or make available to a wider audience? Well despite that localization and translation are as flesh and nail, it is exactly that. It is the process of making a translation of textual information from a readable software on a given target site. This means that the software and accompanying materials, can through various technical processes, be functional and usable in environments other than the language in which they were created. The fact that our experts are always abreast of the latest technologies and devote themselves exclusively to this type of service, makes Onetranslating your ideal choice when in need of a localization partner.

The legal department in Onetranslating understands that there is hardly another segment that pays as much attention to detail in language as the legal industry. It is essential that there is security in any line of text, idea, argument, and that they are fully implemented and properly translated into another language.
Thanks to our in-house legal experts Onetranslating is able to translate any legal document accurately respecting the nuances and specific guidelines that characterize the language for which you want to translate.
Still within the legal translations, Onetranslating also features the ability to authenticate with the competent authorities any necessary document to your tender, job application, CV or translation of other documents that the authorities of another country so require.

Translation of marketing content (whatever the area) implies a job that is distinct from traditional technical translation where accuracy is key. The goal of content is to transmit emotions, symbolism, ideas, instead of transposing accurate information to another language.
Few are those who truly appreciate the influence of marketing, everybody thinks that they can do better, and that marketing is repeatedly blamed for the problems of any enterprise.
Marketing translations requires the clear transposition and often in a manner adapted to the target market to which the message is to be transmitted. This becomes especially important if you want to promote something in another language.
Faithful translations of marketing always need a lot of dedication, know-how and experience with the source content to represent and convey the message in a faithful manner and located to the target audience.
If you have a new brochure, presentation, document or advertisement that needs to be properly translated into any language, you can always count on a dedicated team of professional translators that Onetranslating puts at your disposal.

Translations of medical and pharmaceutical documentation covers various application fields from medical materials, chemistry, veterinary medicine, the clinical research organizations among many others.
Onetranslating believe that a translation of the medical field should be performed by a professional with training, work experience in the area of life sciences that matches the theme to translate, because if this is not done, the end work will not present the quality that is necessary.
In an area where error is not acceptable, Onetranslating will ensure that your more sensitive documentation is translated by the most experienced and specially trained translators, and apply extra control methods of translation and revision ensuring a work of extreme quality.

Let’s be honest, in today’s times any company wishing to create a greater impact and become known needs a Web page. Well, why not translate it? Certainly it will find a global market ready to receive it and exponentially increase your business! With Onetranslating you will have an adequate professional translator to the context of your business, a great reviewer and proof-reader who seeks to clean up any gap that may exist before the publication of your web site. This way your potential customers will look for your business with fresh eyes and the international impact will be aware of your goals! If you need, tell your web designer that we work with *.po files, he will thank you.
Onetranslating also provides translation of emails / international business communications, so you can quickly convey to your new partner security in their mother tongue. Ask us how!

Since Onetranslating is based on the alliance of the Douro, one of the most popular tourist areas in Portugal, we fully understand the need and the importance that translations bring to the tourism and leisure market. A good translation can communicate directly with potential clients in different parts of the world and submit advertising materials in a comprehensive manner and to captivate the attention of tourists who seek its services.
With Onetranslating rely on translators experienced in this type of market that don’t only translate, neglecting such important details, as they understand the effectiveness that a simple language with a touch of marketing transmits to grab the target customer.