Onetranslating provides services in over 30 languages and in various business areas. Learn more about our services and their specifications.

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For any translation project, Onetranslating uses only the best teams of translators who have the necessary expertise to address the peculiarities inherent to the different contexts and to properly do the transposition into the target language. Using native speakers in the target language is fundamental to any kind of work and is the key to any quality translation.

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Any conference, event, audience, language or monitoring requires the presence of a translator / interpreter. Thanks to our partnership with various teams of the Portuguese Association of Conference Interpreters, Onetranslating allows you to obtain suitable advice and assistance relating to the type of interpretation, professional event team as well as the supply and installation of technical equipment on site.


Have recordings in digital or analogue format you need to be transcribed on paper or in editable format? Well thanks to the latest technology and a dedicated department, Onetranslating can transform your audio cassettes, CDs, and other digital formats in paper format, quickly and always taking into account your needs.


The video format is undoubtedly a fabulous way to present your business idea, your company or just the quickest way to capture the attention of anyone interested. For your corporate videos, business, or presentations to achieve the intended impact, subtitling is always an important step. Whether in English or in another language, you can rely on Onetranslating to provide you a quality service.


Through the latest tools of computer assisted translation, our translation teams monetize your project adapting it to the specific international markets as intended. Either in translating web sites or performing localization of software, our professionals meet all the technical requirements that your project demands to become an international success.

Linguistic quality control

At Onetranslating we do not just provide a single service. Any translation project undertaken by Onetranslating goes through 3 different steps to ensure strict control of linguistic quality.
The translation is performed by a specialist in the area, which translates into their mother tongue.
All translated material is subjected to a thorough linguist review by a second translator also from that area.
A third linguist ensures this last stage and through different internal processes of quality control, the final product is proofread before delivery to the customer.

Support to internationalization

Taking into account the needs of our business clients, along with their increasing and more focused investment in foreign markets, Onetranslating has created an integrated service of custom-made solutions to support these companies in their internalisation process.

These services include:

  • Translation (Using only native translators)
  • Creation and adaptation of advertising texts
  • Localisation of software and websites
  • Interpreting
  • Linguistic support in the destination countries
  • Definition of project terminology
  • Management of multilingual brands

To make the service of supporting internationalisation even more complete, Onetranslating has established partnerships with other companies to provide, among other things, the following services:

  • Support for applications to co-financed projects (New Community framework 2014-2020);
  • Economic-financial feasibility studies and projects, and business plan;
  • Web site creation.
  • Creating original content
  • Graphic design

Onetranslating wants to meet all of the conditions to be your constant partner in your international journey.